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Personal Messaging
A PhoneGram is something special. It's important. It's urgent. And it's unforgettable. Whatever the occasion, let PhoneGram deliver your special message in a way that no e-mail or greeting card can. They will always remember a PhoneGram!

Our customers are always finding new, inventive ways to use PhoneGrams for special occasions. Below are just a few ideas. Send us your ideas, and we might just include them on this page as well!

:: Birth announcements
:: Sympathy
:: Communicate family emergency
:: Surprise message
:: Iím Sorry
:: Love message
:: Congratulations, special occasion
:: Get well soon message to hospital
:: Follow-up job interview
:: Legal and employment matters
:: Contact long lost relatives
:: Invitations
:: Thank you
:: Complaints
:: Get through to important people (politicians, etc)
:: Cancel meeting or appointment
:: Schedule anniversary message in advance
:: Learn more about PhoneGrams on our help page.

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