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About PhoneGram
PhoneGram is a service that delivers your message by a live operator to any phone number. Learn more about our service and what it can do for you or your business.

What is PhoneGram?

PhoneGram is a telegram delivered by phone. Type your message into our web site and it will be telephoned to the recipient by a live operator. Telephoned telegrams have been a feature of the telegram service for over fifty years. Now, we’ve made it easier than ever to send a phoned telegram by creating PhoneGram, a web site made just for sending telephoned telegrams. No account or sign up is needed. Anyone can use the site and pay the charge by credit card.

Who operates the PhoneGram service?

Since Western Union closed its operator services in 2006, the PhoneGram service is operated by International Telegram, an FCC-registered telecommunication company that continues to offer telephoned and hand-delivered telegrams world-wide. Your PhoneGram will be professionally read by a trained live operator over high-grade voice trunk lines for clear, high-quality audio. Operators will ensure that messages are heard and understood, repeating the message if necessary.

Who uses PhoneGram?

Companies use PhoneGram as an effective way to reach people. After all, no one can resist a telegram! And PhoneGram is not strictly business. People everywhere are discovering that a PhoneGram is a brilliant way to announce births, express gratitude, make invitations, express sympathy and send greetings for all types of special occasions. A PhoneGram gets attention, and most of all, it gets remembered.

What if the recipient’s phone number is busy, or there is no answer?

We’ll try the number up to five times, at various times throughout the day. If after five tries there is still no answer, we will update our files to show that the telegram was attempted and undeliverable. However, we cannot issue refunds for undeliverable telegrams.

What if you reach an answering machine or voice mail?

You have the option to have us leave the telegram message on the machine, or to not leave a message. You can choose this option when you place your PhoneGram order.

Can you sing the telegram if I request it?

Sorry, we do not provide singing telegrams. You can search Google for singing telegrams near me for companies that might provide that service.

How can I find out whether my PhoneGram was delivered?

We do not currently offer delivery confirmation. We will be introducing this option in the future.

I’ve sent a PhoneGram for a legal matter; can I get any kind of document proving I sent the PhoneGram?

Yes! When you place your order, you’ll receive an on-screen receipt confirming your order. If you need to send a telegram for a significant legal matter, we suggest you also send a hand-delivered telegram through iTelegram.

Is it possible to get a printed copy of my message?

When you place your order, you’ll receive a printable on-screen purchase receipt with a copy of your message on it. If you need physical delivery of a telegram, such as a hand-delivered telegram or a mailgram, please visit iTelegram for these services.

I’d like to send PhoneGrams in bulk quantities, how can I?

If you’re sending more than 20 PhoneGrams at a time, please contact us and ask for a member of our corporate sales group to speak with you. They will be happy to arrange an account for you to send in your recipient list.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Consumer agencies recommend you only shop from web sites that have a secure, encrypted site. You can trust PhoneGram. We are a secure site and we protect our customers' personal information. PhoneGram is a service of International Telegram, listed with the Better Business Bureau.

May I send messages in any language?

Messages can be delivered in English or Spanish. Messages are delivered exactly as they are typed. (We do not translate the message.)

¿Se puede enviar el mensaje en español?

¡Sí! Los operadores hablan español y inglés. (Nuestro PhoneGram Web Site está solamente disponible en inglés.)

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